How soft is the wind 03: and there goes another one… Part 2

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“I am learning bit by bits..”

The sms shocked me. I couldn’t believe upon reading it. Is this girl for real? Or has she gone nuts?

It all started a few hours ago, I was in a cybercafe, trying to complete my visa. While checking my email, I received a weird email from my friend. Hehe, an opening!! Quickly, I started to play a Kira-role (deathnote), saying “you can’t lie, I know that you are with someone right now, muahaha!”. After a few smses, i realized that, not only I succeed in getting some information, I was getting too much information.. and that is how the shocked begin.

She admitted that, she is in a relationship with someone and asking for my opinion, but I reserved mine. Saying, “You knew more than I do”. After that, asked several questions, saying, “before I fly (go to UK to continue my studies), please let me know, what the hell is going on.”

After a few questions, the mist had finally gone. Sadly, I ended the conversation. Saying no words… Hoping the best will happen to her.



What shocked me the most is her answer, how they start their relationship. She said that, she had a problem around 3 months ago. Her close friends are nowhere near, all of them were busy. That was when the guy knocked the door and managed to get in. After that, her problem vanished and she is happy with it. I thought back… 3 months ago… where was I? …. I was preparing for my A-level exam. That time, I ignored most of my sms and friendster… Was I too busy until I ignored my friend? Could it be the other way round if I spared some of my time there?



I am here not to criticize her. But to criticize myself, sometimes, in the midst of problems, we forgot to take care of the one who is close to us.

Although I blamed myself because I can’t be there at that time, I know that I am not a hero to save everyone.

And there goes another one…..


how soft is the wind 02: and there goes another one… part 1

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It started with a bad dream…

I dreamt about one of my friend. We used to hang out together from form 1 till form 4, until he had to switch class in form 5. His result was disasterous at the end of the form 4. How can someone who always have an excellent result, suddenly fall that much? He used to be smarter than all of us… Maybe he had problems? Maybe he was falling when we are form 4? Maybe… just maybe…

Whatever it is,… I should have realize it… and help him… I should have…


(eh, asar masuk dah.. chow dulu, lain kali sambung :P)

ps:edited, anyway, that guy enter International Islamic University and currently doing Law. He got up pretty good and still an avid cat lover :).

)....think so....

This is his cat :)....think so... YUCKS, SMELLY SHOES!!!!

Second author!!!

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Peace be upon you,

Yep, I decided to share this page with someone else so that more knowledge and information can be shared (and a slave to keep this page updated, muahaha, evil laugh). That person is Ariff Sodri, an ex-housecap of diamond.

So, hop in the board and I am getting sleepy to write anything right now…


ps: Ariff, enjoy =).

pss: don’t worry, I’ll write something soon too..

all we are in now is the endless search for excitement..

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“And they live happily ever after…”

TSK! Honestly..!like there is really anything close to it in this world to ‘happily ever after’? . Face it, man (us all) is a subjective creature.. we can feel happy only after we experienced sadness, anguish and dismay.  Only by shedding  tears can we truly enjoy the blissfulness of laughters.

heck that all for the rambling at the moment.. chiows



some news: lack of new article during Ramadan

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just like the tittle.

There will be fewer updates during Ramadan (Muslim Fasting month).

RODHI, DIET!!! 01: Guys are more scared to knife compared to girls…

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Some fact, yes, the tittle is corect.

“Which one? The first phrase 😛 or the second phrase ?”

Cis,… both are correct….

Guys are more scared to knife compared to girls. Proof? Well, during a Silat Cekak Hanafi (Malay martial art) knife training, the guys make more mistakes compared to the girls. This isdue to, the girls are familiar with the knife (cooking) while the guys are more familiar with jam knife =P.

Even a girl can fight.

Even a girl can fight.

Hopefully you guys have watched “the stranger” movie before we proceed.

In the movie, the main actor and the actresses  were attacked by some psychopath killers with knives. I was thinking, if only they know how to defend themselves from a knife attack, the situation my look brighter for them.


To tell you the truth, I think this is one of the most essential knowledge nowadays since most thugs or drug addicts will always attack with a knife. It makes them feel stronger and more confident. But most of the time, overconfident. If we know the right knowledge how to deal with this type of situation, we might save our lives.

First and foremost, life is more important that stuff. If they asked your money or belongings, just give it. After all, you only got 1 life.

ONLY FIGHT BACK, if only they attacked you. They are ussually whetther drunk, or not beeing themselves or just a psychopath killer.

THE BEST MOVE is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Yep, if you can, RUN!! Who knows under extreme condition you might even break Usain bolt’s record 😛 (I am making a joke, so laugh!!)

Below is a link towards a good martial art move, watch it and train yourself.

For a normal knife thrust:

For a stab from below (can be use for the above too). Please note, that always make sure the arm that is in contact with the opponent is the same arm. eg: he use his right hand to stab, your right arm is in contact with his right arm. Otherwise, you are going to have great difficulities doing this move.

sorry, cant project the above video.

BEWARE!!!! ONLY USE IT AGAINST NORMAL THUG!!! If you are facing an expert such as below… your best bet is still runaway!!!

That’s all for now. Hope this extra knowledge will benefit you guys.

Always learn and prepare. Then only tawakkal (hope for the best from God). That is the way of life.




Ps: I am in no position to teach you guys a move from Silat Cekak, so.. that’s why I put other martial art. It is not that Silat Cekak move is not effective.

Commercial time=Toilet break 02: If the movie said that it is a “scary” movie, it ain’t that scary…

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“so… apa cita?”

trans: “so, what movie is it going to be?”

Number of suggestions was thrown, each with a different movies.

“Wall-E!” (that’s me :P)

“Star wars!”

“Shaolin girl!”



Sunway Carnival Mall. RM7 for normal price and there are always available seat. That is the best about Penang cinema 🙂

Alas….. all those movie were shown late… We don’t have any other options but to see other movies.

After some consideration, we agreed on watching “The Stranger”. That day was the premiere of that show, so we had no idea whether it is good or bad. What we know were, it is a thriller movie. I got to tell you guys the truth, I am no fan of horror or thriller movie. Action, comedy, investigation, yes, there are my favourites. Nevertheless,… horror, is just not my cup of tea. I only watched “1 miss call” at the cinema and “Shutter” (Thai version) at college chalet, both with my friends (“The six sense” has investigation, so it is ok. These 2 is pure horror”)

Of all movies, Shutter is the only one that manage to scare me…

The Stranger promo poster... has

The Stranger promo poster...

Moving on. Well, at first, the movie is a bit of a romantic failure… Don’t worry, it is no big deal and no major spoiler. At first, I thought, this story is sooooo sloooowww. After 20 mins or so… the pace began to change..  The mysterious and horror are introduce, bits by bits…

Let us cut the chase and tell you my first hand experience…. THROUGHT OUT THE WHOLE MOVIE, I was wondering, when will it end, since it is A VERY SCARY MOVIE!!! SERIOUSLY, I was sitting in a guarding position the whole time!! My friend told me that his pulse was like almost 200+. We go with a group of guys, and all of us were not hiding each other machoism. WE WERE DAMN SCARED like a kiddy girl =P.

For a fans of horror or for those who never got scared of any movie,… this movie IS A MUST. However, if you guys have any trauma…. DON’T COMPLAIN AT ME!!!


ps: Althought I am confident with my own martial arts… I sometimes feel scared walking at my house porch at night nowadays =P.


The Stranger trailer….

The four scary cats......

The four scary cats......