How high is the throne 02: What the brain forget… the heart remembers… part 1

Finally…. UK… I am here…

Southampton… I am here…

Degree…. I am here…



Afif Elias Al-Afro…

No body understand what happen to him at matriks, neither do I. He suddenly became an ultra ultra workaholic. Doing revision till 2am, almost everyday. No body know where and how he got the drive.

No body know, neither do I… But now.. I do..


2 years ago, when I entered KY and got this scholarship, I was excited to be able to get an oppurtunity to study abroad. Overseas, United Kingdom, it was like …. “WOW!”. Of all people.. I GOT IT  :D.

People keeps on saying, you already got one of your feet over the fence, time to get the other one over it.

But who knows…. to get the other feet…. was …. GOD DAMN HARRRRDDDDD….. and I barely made it…

It was all due to my further math (saying it again, made me have this uneasy feeling at my stomach).

It was all due to my arrogance, for taking it lightly. I just though,

“Ah, just another math. what we need to do is just give an extra effort.”

And of course… I WAS WAAAAAYYYYY WRONG :P.  You need to put like 100 times the effort…



I made a promise back then…

“Oh god, please let me fly… Please, give me a second chance.. Please… don’t let me fail…”

There was when I realized… that is what Afif was doing in matriks…

Taking the second chance…

~ by rodhirejab on October 12, 2008.

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