Turn back the pendulum -02: Heads up!

A short post….
What a beutiful sky...

What a beautiful sky... credits to Iman Manan for the picture

If you r there,
Heads up,
Look at the sky,
The cloud and the star,
Look at it,
You will miss it someday.

I used to walk 2-3am in the morning back to my chalet and looked at the sky. The stary night was beautiful, Subhanallah. But my recent trip to KL, all I can see, was a dark sky, with a light that shines the mist of smoke….

Hmm… where are you Mr.twinkle-twinkle little stars?

~ by rodhirejab on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Turn back the pendulum -02: Heads up!”

  1. pehal aku syaringan,
    ltak la byakugan ke, hahaha

  2. ish… ganggu ah dia ni..
    ngada2. tukar harem no jutsu kat dia baru tau… 😛

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