Turn back the pendulum -01: Eat to live, not live to eat!!!

Haha, the tittle soooooo doesn’t suit me :).

Ramadhan is here, thank god we manage to live for another year. The best way to celebrate a Ramadhan is at home. That is what I thought for the last few years. Well…. who wouldn’t think about it?  Come on!! There are a lot of nice food at home, don’t need to rush for prayer, you can relaxing around. Yeah, that is what I used to think.

But after a few days of celebrating Ramadhan at home, I began to miss the Ramadhan at my school and college…. Yeah, seriously. The atmospheres are the one that makes them highly memorable :).


Sadly, I only stay at the asrama when I was form 5. Before that, I stayed at home.

Form 5 was torcherous, seriously. My school starts at 7:20am till 2:15pm. Then, the extra class will start at 3:00pm until 5:00pm. It was a very tough life, especially when the SPM (Malaysia Final Examination for High School) was around the corner. We had to study during the day and continue after Terawih prayer which finish around 10:30pm.

I remembered, we used to live like a zombie during the day. The juniors was celebrating their freedom while we were still trapped like a rat. By hook or by crook, we still had to study T_T. I remembered once when the Bahasa Melayu teacher asked me to write an essay, I told her I don’t had any mood. Luckily, she was a very kind teacher and said, I can do it at night and pass it up tomorrow. Guess what? I don’t think I passed it up :P. Hehe, lazy me.

Around 7:00pm, we will gather at the mussola and waiting for the azan. Once the azan was heard, we break fasted and eat the dates with a cup of water. Then, we prayed solat Maghrib. There was some scheme over her :), only the seniors can be the imam. That means, form 5 students only. There were only a few people can be an Imam at that time. Mat Pi, was the best among us. The problem is…. he always recites a long surah!!  What we do next time was, we sent another person to be the imam and prohibited Mat Pi :).  Haha. After prayer, the juniors were ordered to continue to pray additional solah. Only form 5 students were allowed to take their food at the dining hall first. What an unfair rule :), we seniors rulezzz :D. As for me, I join the juniors to pray the additional solah first, I found that it was extremely unfair of the seniors. but hey, there was nothing wrong to pray.

At the dining hall, the food they served was bad…. yeah, REALLY BADDDD!!!!! The fish were still smelly, the chicken still had some feathers, the vegetables…. well, if u are lucky, you won’t see the snails….. nuff said :P. Any outside food was highly welcomed and be shared by everyone at the same table.

After that, we rested for a while, and continue to pray at the musolla.  It was a 4 terawih prayer, a tazkirah, 4 terawih prayer and 3 witir format. Sometimes, our own student, Amar Hassan Al-Hafiz, led the prayer. He was received a sarong as a gift for being a terawih imam at the end of Ramadhan. Then, we continue with reading Yasiin surah and concluded the night.

After that, all of us will continue lazying around at the dorm. I remembered, I used to walking around, challenging any juniors for a chess game till 12:00 am. Only after that, i continued my studies till 2:00am and went to sleep.

It was a fun and a memorable Ramadhan…..



Basically, a college Ramadhan is less hectic than school Ramadhan. This is due to, the final exam wasn’t that near compared to school time. Well, due to my laziness has finally come again, I am in no mood to write it down :P. Haha.





So that’s it  for now.

May God bless you in this Ramadhan….


~ by rodhirejab on September 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Turn back the pendulum -01: Eat to live, not live to eat!!!”

  1. rodhi’s on fire! bgus2…hehe..

  2. ceh, wei, jgn makan gaji buta!! x leh harap punya second author!!

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