How soft is the wind 03: and there goes another one… Part 2

“I am learning bit by bits..”

The sms shocked me. I couldn’t believe upon reading it. Is this girl for real? Or has she gone nuts?

It all started a few hours ago, I was in a cybercafe, trying to complete my visa. While checking my email, I received a weird email from my friend. Hehe, an opening!! Quickly, I started to play a Kira-role (deathnote), saying “you can’t lie, I know that you are with someone right now, muahaha!”. After a few smses, i realized that, not only I succeed in getting some information, I was getting too much information.. and that is how the shocked begin.

She admitted that, she is in a relationship with someone and asking for my opinion, but I reserved mine. Saying, “You knew more than I do”. After that, asked several questions, saying, “before I fly (go to UK to continue my studies), please let me know, what the hell is going on.”

After a few questions, the mist had finally gone. Sadly, I ended the conversation. Saying no words… Hoping the best will happen to her.



What shocked me the most is her answer, how they start their relationship. She said that, she had a problem around 3 months ago. Her close friends are nowhere near, all of them were busy. That was when the guy knocked the door and managed to get in. After that, her problem vanished and she is happy with it. I thought back… 3 months ago… where was I? …. I was preparing for my A-level exam. That time, I ignored most of my sms and friendster… Was I too busy until I ignored my friend? Could it be the other way round if I spared some of my time there?



I am here not to criticize her. But to criticize myself, sometimes, in the midst of problems, we forgot to take care of the one who is close to us.

Although I blamed myself because I can’t be there at that time, I know that I am not a hero to save everyone.

And there goes another one…..


~ by rodhirejab on September 7, 2008.

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