how soft is the wind 02: and there goes another one… part 1

It started with a bad dream…

I dreamt about one of my friend. We used to hang out together from form 1 till form 4, until he had to switch class in form 5. His result was disasterous at the end of the form 4. How can someone who always have an excellent result, suddenly fall that much? He used to be smarter than all of us… Maybe he had problems? Maybe he was falling when we are form 4? Maybe… just maybe…

Whatever it is,… I should have realize it… and help him… I should have…


(eh, asar masuk dah.. chow dulu, lain kali sambung :P)

ps:edited, anyway, that guy enter International Islamic University and currently doing Law. He got up pretty good and still an avid cat lover :).

)....think so....

This is his cat :)....think so... YUCKS, SMELLY SHOES!!!!


~ by rodhirejab on September 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “how soft is the wind 02: and there goes another one… part 1”

  1. blame nobody but HIMSELF…he’s gotten drown all the way down with some perhaps my fren, with this little article about him things gonna change…i dun think he can forgive himself…p/s: (I know him very much) =P

  2. blame no one. things has passed.
    only he should stop playing hero… and stop thinking too much…

  3. marching forward bit by bit…

  4. Weh, gudluck in ur studies…=)

  5. I dont need luck. luck is for losers..
    what i need is…. A MIRACLE :P.


    Thanks mr cat. nanti aku balik, hang buat2 x kenal, penendang satu wa bagi sama lu :P.

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