Second author!!!

Peace be upon you,

Yep, I decided to share this page with someone else so that more knowledge and information can be shared (and a slave to keep this page updated, muahaha, evil laugh). That person is Ariff Sodri, an ex-housecap of diamond.

So, hop in the board and I am getting sleepy to write anything right now…


ps: Ariff, enjoy =).

pss: don’t worry, I’ll write something soon too..


~ by rodhirejab on September 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Second author!!!”

  1. oii oii.. ak penduga arus ..sapa arif tu? tk knal ah. tariik lipid bru tau

  2. !@##$%%**( 🙂

  3. salam, cube usha blog ni 😉

  4. waaa…. sudah ade blog skang ye? ;p

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