RODHI, DIET!!! 01: Guys are more scared to knife compared to girls…

Some fact, yes, the tittle is corect.

“Which one? The first phrase 😛 or the second phrase ?”

Cis,… both are correct….

Guys are more scared to knife compared to girls. Proof? Well, during a Silat Cekak Hanafi (Malay martial art) knife training, the guys make more mistakes compared to the girls. This isdue to, the girls are familiar with the knife (cooking) while the guys are more familiar with jam knife =P.

Even a girl can fight.

Even a girl can fight.

Hopefully you guys have watched “the stranger” movie before we proceed.

In the movie, the main actor and the actresses  were attacked by some psychopath killers with knives. I was thinking, if only they know how to defend themselves from a knife attack, the situation my look brighter for them.


To tell you the truth, I think this is one of the most essential knowledge nowadays since most thugs or drug addicts will always attack with a knife. It makes them feel stronger and more confident. But most of the time, overconfident. If we know the right knowledge how to deal with this type of situation, we might save our lives.

First and foremost, life is more important that stuff. If they asked your money or belongings, just give it. After all, you only got 1 life.

ONLY FIGHT BACK, if only they attacked you. They are ussually whetther drunk, or not beeing themselves or just a psychopath killer.

THE BEST MOVE is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Yep, if you can, RUN!! Who knows under extreme condition you might even break Usain bolt’s record 😛 (I am making a joke, so laugh!!)

Below is a link towards a good martial art move, watch it and train yourself.

For a normal knife thrust:

For a stab from below (can be use for the above too). Please note, that always make sure the arm that is in contact with the opponent is the same arm. eg: he use his right hand to stab, your right arm is in contact with his right arm. Otherwise, you are going to have great difficulities doing this move.

sorry, cant project the above video.

BEWARE!!!! ONLY USE IT AGAINST NORMAL THUG!!! If you are facing an expert such as below… your best bet is still runaway!!!

That’s all for now. Hope this extra knowledge will benefit you guys.

Always learn and prepare. Then only tawakkal (hope for the best from God). That is the way of life.




Ps: I am in no position to teach you guys a move from Silat Cekak, so.. that’s why I put other martial art. It is not that Silat Cekak move is not effective.


~ by rodhirejab on August 28, 2008.

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