Commercial time=Toilet break 02: If the movie said that it is a “scary” movie, it ain’t that scary…

“so… apa cita?”

trans: “so, what movie is it going to be?”

Number of suggestions was thrown, each with a different movies.

“Wall-E!” (that’s me :P)

“Star wars!”

“Shaolin girl!”



Sunway Carnival Mall. RM7 for normal price and there are always available seat. That is the best about Penang cinema 🙂

Alas….. all those movie were shown late… We don’t have any other options but to see other movies.

After some consideration, we agreed on watching “The Stranger”. That day was the premiere of that show, so we had no idea whether it is good or bad. What we know were, it is a thriller movie. I got to tell you guys the truth, I am no fan of horror or thriller movie. Action, comedy, investigation, yes, there are my favourites. Nevertheless,… horror, is just not my cup of tea. I only watched “1 miss call” at the cinema and “Shutter” (Thai version) at college chalet, both with my friends (“The six sense” has investigation, so it is ok. These 2 is pure horror”)

Of all movies, Shutter is the only one that manage to scare me…

The Stranger promo poster... has

The Stranger promo poster...

Moving on. Well, at first, the movie is a bit of a romantic failure… Don’t worry, it is no big deal and no major spoiler. At first, I thought, this story is sooooo sloooowww. After 20 mins or so… the pace began to change..  The mysterious and horror are introduce, bits by bits…

Let us cut the chase and tell you my first hand experience…. THROUGHT OUT THE WHOLE MOVIE, I was wondering, when will it end, since it is A VERY SCARY MOVIE!!! SERIOUSLY, I was sitting in a guarding position the whole time!! My friend told me that his pulse was like almost 200+. We go with a group of guys, and all of us were not hiding each other machoism. WE WERE DAMN SCARED like a kiddy girl =P.

For a fans of horror or for those who never got scared of any movie,… this movie IS A MUST. However, if you guys have any trauma…. DON’T COMPLAIN AT ME!!!


ps: Althought I am confident with my own martial arts… I sometimes feel scared walking at my house porch at night nowadays =P.


The Stranger trailer….

The four scary cats......

The four scary cats......


~ by rodhirejab on August 28, 2008.

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