Commercial time=Toilet Time 01: The word of my heart, origin

Peace be upon you,

For those who wanted to know, I really love watching anime “Gintama”. It is a parody, funny, action, nuts, anime. Basiccaly, if you want to watch it, you should throw away your common sense, as they don’t have any common sense. It is the best medicine for those who want to have a break. The easiest way to download it, is go to and search for gintama.; Have fun.

GINTAMA THE BEST!!! Oh, it is from the same team who produce bleach too 🙂


Well, living in college, I sometimes wrote a reminder for myself and plugged it at the wall. Some of the stuffs, is highly personal. Living in a room where I am the only one who enter it, gives me a good privacy.

However, I can’t do the same at home…. And sometimes, I do want to write something for myself. That is the origin of why I want to do a blog.

I don’t plan to use this blog for public purposes, most of my stuff is in “private” section. At first, I don’t even plan to reaveal this blog. But then, some of the post is a very good tazkirah (reminder) for me and the others. That is why I decided to reveal this blog (but not that fast Jpah :O !!!)

Then, I try to decide the name. As a person who really loves arabic, I came out with “Alkalamu Qalbi”, which also means “the word of my heart”. Nevertheless, i found it is highly awkward to write it own for those who don’t learn arabic. Thus, i have to stick with the translation of it. To my surprise, I realize that it is very similar compared to “whisper of the heart”, one of the best anime movie by  Hayao Miyazaki !

Oh well, might just stick with it :). no harms done…..

.wolverine origin promo poster, one of my favourite hero…. still, it is somehing to do with the tittle :)”]

SORRY:previous pics is a fake and had been remove


~ by rodhirejab on August 24, 2008.

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