Family feud is just like a complain at a restaurant when the food is served late…..

Family feud is just like a complain at s restaurant when the food is served late…..

If u come to penang, and dont eat it, then ur trip is meaningless

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu, Air itam, Penang..If u come to penang, and dont eat it, then ur trip is meaningless

“Hello, bang, tolong bawakan satu nasi kandar lauk ayam goreng dan satu teh tarik”
Trans: ”Hello, waiter, one “nasi kandar” (Malaysia dish) with fried chicken, and one “teh tarik” (Malaysia famous tea) please.”

“baik , bang”
Trans: “Alright, sir”

After half an hour, the food was still not yet serve. The drink was almost empty and the customer finally fed up. As usual, the customer will complain towards the shop, furiously. As people always said, a hungry man, is an angry man =P.

This is the typical scenario at any restaurant or food stall who serve the food late. Mainly, because the order is miss up, or the confusion happen.

Same with the family feud, it is just a misunderstanding. No body is really mad with each other. Of course, there will be some yelling here and there, but it will all be over in a few minutes.

Let us continue the scenario at  the food stall. When the complain was up, the customer will do either stay and wait for his food, or go to the other stall.

For the first option, the customer will still be angry….. and hungry…. but, it will be over a few minutes later when the food is finally arrives. Thus, his problem will solve and he is no longer hungry.



For the later option, he will go to his car and in search for another food stall. On his way, he will be fuming in anger and terribly hungry. His problem of hunger won’t solve until he found another stall and has his food serve. Even if he got his food by then, he will still be angry.

From the above two cases, we can clearly see, a bit of a patient will solve the problem, easily and quickly. Taking anger out too soon will only hurt the customer more than he already has.

Let us go back to the family feud matters, no one can escape the parents scolding…. seriously,  no one…. When our parents nag, we, as a rebellious teenager in nature will always rebel and … well.. u know… shout at our parents back. It happens to me……… A LOT!!  Nevertheless, if only we hold our anger, the nagging won’t be that much of a hurt and the problem will finally dissolve through time. Believe me, time is the best medicine for hearth ache.

Sometimes, our parents will make an unfair judgment, and it hurts us, terribly. Not only we are innocent, our parents won’t believe us. So, what is the best solutions? Of course, the best answer will be proving our innocence, but not every case we can prove it. When we are scolded with unfairness, scolding back is the worst of a solution.

the last tazkirah (reminder) session at musalla (place to pray)

the last tazkirah (reminder) session at musalla (place to pray)

Yahya Al-Qinsani once talked to me at a musalla (place to pray in Arabic), he said, “When you have a fight with your parents, logically, do you think your parents are the one who should give up? The child are the one who should. Is it too hard for you to imagine? What about this, imagine YOU are having a fight with YOUR child, what is the outcome that you really want? Of course, you want your child to listen to you.”

Well, his simple answer shocked me, and I’ve been thinking ever since then.

A few days ago, my father scold me of my incompetence, or should I say, miscommunication. My first reaction was extremely furious and I really want to get away from him and scold him back, but I didn’t as Yahya words was resonate in my head. How I thank him for those words. A few hours later, my father and I got a long again, and the problem was gone by the wind.

Dear my fellow readers and myself, our parents are the one who brought us up. Is it too much to ask to remain patience for a few minutes…..? If you are so angry with them, let the anger be substitute with the feelings of appreciating with our parents uncountable sacrifice….

ps: er… sorry for the grammar… haven’t written anything for the past few monthes…


~ by rodhirejab on August 23, 2008.

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  1. yahya,
    a nice fren of urs?

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