Don’t be sad (La tahzan): My edition :P

Don’t be sad (La tahzan): My edition 😛

This is not a review of a book. It is my story. My story of sadness and how I overcame it.


Me is sad......... T_T ............... 😦

Well, the story started when I first got my A-level June 2007 result. That session, I only took A-level math for examination. As one of the mathematics star in my school (ehem) and with a very good trial result, I was extremely confident I was going to ace it.

Alas, my dream was shattered into pieces. Only a famous malay proverb can explain my feelings, “bagai kaca dihempas batu” (like a mirror smash with a stone). To my horror, I got a C on it!!!!

I WAS FURIOS, FRUST, SAD , HUMILIATE, LOST HOPE, bla bla bla (well, … you got the idea).

My feelings was like a salt pour on the wound when I learned that, Hilmi aka CEO TNB got an A for his math after studying like 1 month before the examination (correct me if I am wrong Hilmi  =D  ) !!!!


Most of friends aced on it. Fahmi, Anas, Hisham… for sure they got an A for it. Even ayah Peng got an A for it. And I was like…. “ OHHH NOOO!!!!” (Nazri MIA was an exception though 😛 )

In the midst of sadness…. I was in a terrible dilemma…. At that time, there were also some of friends unable to get an A for their AS or A-level. I looked around, what does this people do? Most of them talk to their friends.. or should I say… special friends… (well you know what I mean :P). They have a heart to heart conversation, someone to for them to share their pain, someone to listen to their plead… something that I don’t have, or to proud to do..

Sorry, falling down with a broken wing and then whining for my own mistake, was something that I can never do. I knew that, the one who should to get all the blame was me…. No body else deserve it.

As usual, I head back to my room and listen to one of my favourite song, “In the end” by Linkin Park. I would like to talk to my friends, but… they can only listen and say the ‘same old stuff people always say’ like “don’t give up”, “it is not the end of the world”, “you can repeat”, and so on.

a new life awaits....

a new life awaits....

Then, I when to Nazri MIA room and had a chat with him. To my surprise, he too never got other grades than an A for his math at his former school. He said to me, “Do you want to see the paper which ruin my life?”
I knew instantly, he was talking about the exam slip. What I did then, I nodded and had a look at his exam slip. Guess, what I did,….. I laughed to my heart content at him :D. “Math C, Chemistry D, you are hopeless!!!”. We laughed and laughed (and eat a packet of mee sedap too :P)

haha!!! U R AS STUPID AS I AM!!!

haha!!! U R AS STUPID AS I AM!!!

Still, the feelings of unbearable sadness won’t go away. At that time, how I wish I got myself a girlfriend…. Someone for me to share the pain with… Someone who truly can understand how I felt…

It is true, when you are feeling too sad, you are at the weakest state, and I’ve been there. At that time, I just want someone to know that I am goddamn sad!!!

A few days later, my heart was moved to loitering and disturbed one of my friend, Mu’az Zubir. There, he showed me a few stuff. One of them is a song by Zain Bikha and Sami Yusuff, he said he really like that song. He gave it to me and I listened to it. Oh yeah, the tittle is “Allah knows (god knows)”.

I listened to it…. At first time, with half heartedly (come on, it is just another nasyeed!!!) … then I listed to it again…. With  greater concentration…Finally, I got the message of what he was trying to tell.

No matter how we felt… how high is the sadness, or happiness, God will always know how we felt. He will always know our heart. As God had said, he is even closer than the veins in our neck.

How peaceful I was back then….. I truly felt I wasn’t alone…. I truly felt that I’ve been thinking too much of myself, and I even forgot the most important thing…. I forgot that, “We human, can only plan and execute it.  Nevertheless, God will always know what is the best for us”

For those who felt unbearable of sadness, believe me, you are not alone, God will always know.

If you  are feeling too much sadness, do this 3 things, 1 after another, a prayer
2.listen to a prayer (lazy me :P)
3.if you are still sad and can’t bear with it, pray to god, that he change the broken heart with a new heart.

Hopefully, this article will be a bit of a help from the powerless little me….

Especially written to the person who complained that “I GOT A BIG FAT  ……. B”.


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