How high is the throne? How low is the grass? How harmony is the nest? how soft is the wind?

we don't know the end, but we know we must move forward

The road of life

We can’t see the end of it. To see it, we must move forward, not backward….

May peace be upon you.

note*This blog is for me to remind myself for who I am and where I once stand*note

How high is the throne?
How low is the grass?
How peaceful is the nest?
How soft is the wind?

These are the 4 sentences, have been playing in my head, eversince i finished my college.

After 2 years of learning in college, my age right now is 20 years old. (Man, I am already 20….. I am getting old….. Haha. Anyway,) during those 2 years, I’ve been searching for an answer… How do you live in this world? Of course, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said,

“You won’t get lost if you follow 2 things, Al-Quran and my As-Sunnah (Phophet Muhammad way of life)”

I’ve heard that, and it is A LOT HARDER than it seems to follow……. I mean… it is too general. And of course, we don’t usually follow others advice :P.

I’ve been trying to live with several mottos, or a qoute for myself, but none of them are complete. With me keep on failing with my daily lives. Whenever I was in trouble, I thank god that I never lose my sanity in those 2 years. Alright, maybe once,.. it was the early of my college life and I was sleepy and damn piss off at the time the incidence occur :P.

Back to the topic.

Those 4 sentences, for me is vital, and largely connected to each other. One can never be completed without the other.

For the first line, “How high is the throne?” is a symbol for a pride. All human have pride. For me, pride is something that makes you dare yourself to do something, the feelings of never give up, always try to outbeat yourself or just simply said “over my dead body”.

I would like to explain this much longer but I am sorry, I can’t. This is due to, not everyone pride is the same and mine is …. completely personal. It is a side of myself that I can never share it with anyone. I tried to write it down, but everytime I tried, I notice I had been writing rubbish and this is the 4th time I write about it. For me, pride is the inner voice of a person. You can’t ignore it or simply rub it off away. It is you and you are him. For me, I can never exist without considering my pride feeling too.

I once asked my friends, what is pride?  One of the answers is:
“The act when someone doesn’t want to apologize althought knowing he is wrong”

For me, that is stupidity, not pride. Because as you are, pride to, don’t want to be stupid.

Before you guys, bash me up with the pride is not the solution, let us go to the second qoute, “How low is the grass?”. The grass is a metaphor for a humbleness. As we can see, althought pride is important, when it got out of control (and yes, it can!) the only thing that will control it is the act of humbleness.

“So what if you are good in something? So what if you have knowledge in something?”

Does that make a perfect excuse for you to boasting around? I’ll answer those questions with another quetions.

“Does that make you the best person in this world? Does that make you not depend on other person at all? Are you the only person in this world who knows that?”

The best advice I can give to link humbleness with pride is one of the Malay proverb,

“Follow the way of a paddy. The more it fill, the lower it will bow down”
In Malay, “Ikut resmi padi, lagi berisi, lagi rendah ditunduk”

Isn’t it true? The more things you know, aren’t you suppose to be more humble? Because you know that there are more knowledge for you to pursue. Sorry, my bad. Aren’t I suppose to be more humble? Because I know that there are more knowledge for me to pursue. (who am I to comment on others when I myself still has not follow this perfectly)

Before I continue with the 3rd sentence, let me remind you (the reader) once again, “this blog is for me to remind myself for who I am and where I once stand”. If you guys disagree with me, please don’t bash me up, because after all, this is for me. It works for me but it might not work for you.
If you want to discuss, we can discuss it politely without any bashing.

The 3rd sentece, “How peaceful is the nest?” represents family. Yes, our family, our parents and our siblings. I am neither married nor have any girlfriends. I am just a teenager in a family of five and thank god, both of my parents are still alive.

Those two earlier sentences may prove to be sufficient, but there will always be a special case, and it is towards your two beloved parents. Please, before I continue, close your eyes and picture your parents in your head, for how much have they sacrifice for you, and for how much bad things have you (me too) did to them. My answer is only one and it works for both of the questions…..


Parents are the person we must not defy them. Althought there are a way to slow talk to them but, to say “Ah” in any cases is absolutely unacceptable.

I will elaborate this things longer but for now, this is sufficient. I only wants you guys to know the meaning of the four qoutes for now.

The last but not the least and which also the most, “How soft is the wind?”. The wind, is refer to GOD ALMIGHTY as he can not be seen in this world but can be felt.

I put the qoute the last of the 4 lines with an absolute reason. Why? Because the first thing we do as a normal human being, we don’t look for god as the first solution. For those who want to find a reason for they living in this world, they first must experience and try to search the answer at this world first. They will search for it high and low, using logics and myths. Nevertheless, God is the final answer.

The easiest way to look in this matter is the famous President of Islamic Aspiration Week, Khairul Anwar, opening speech video:

“Have you ever felt something is missing in your live? You have everything. You have heath, you have wealth, but there is something still missing in your heart.

A void that needs to be fulfill.”

Without the Almighty God in your life, your life will crumble. Even if you don’t want it, your heart will be longing to have it. It is the human nature, to pray something that is beyond their power.

I will go into more detail of the four qoutes, except for the first one. The first qoute, is something where you need to find it by yourself. but the other three can be shared, can be discuss, and can be remind especially to myself.

Please leave your comment behind if you have some time or would like to discuss. Any questions is highly welcome.

note*This blog is for me to remind myself for who I am and where I once stand*note

Thank god, I finally finish writing the 4 qoutes explanation after four times of typing the same topic :D.


~ by rodhirejab on July 29, 2008.

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